Important events, prizes and commissions

2008 to 2014
The new Québec City medal is a creation and realisation of Sonia Beauchesne.

Current recipients of the medal include Céline Dion, Guy Laliberté, Gilles Vigneault and four former mayors of Quebec City. Other medals will be bestowed upon celebrities who have yet to be announced.

Solo exhibition "Miss Rosie's daily life"

nov. 23rd- dec. 22nd. 2011
At Zilberschmuck - Art jewellery
Toronto, On.
Awarded the Prix Ville de Québec 2011
at Plein Art Event
Quebec City, Quebec

Participation at the Cheoungju International Biennale in South Korea
The scupltural ring Same Same but Different was accepted by The Canadian Crafts Federation to get in to the “Unity and Diversity” Exhibition

Awarded the Prix Ville de Québec
Section Capitale Plein Art Event.

Sacred Sensuality exhibition in video

Miss Rosie daily life

Miss Rosie's Daily Life captures scenes of every days occurrences in fin metal art. Miss Rosie herself is a beautiful sterling silver pendant, while other places such as the grocery store, the beauty parlour, and the coffee shop have been rendered in sterling silver as well. The little scenes are as delightful and humours as they are unique and beautiful designed. - Cheryl Fraser, Zilbersmuchk jewerly, Toronto.
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If I had wings... collection
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